January 12, 2013

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:46 PM by Sandra@Just Regular Folks Wandering

Walking the two-mile trail this morning at the park, I circled around the lake and stopped for a yogic breath and a little contemplation.  Oddly, the lake lay silent and undisturbed without the usual duck or bird in sight.  Inhaling, I placed both hands on my heart center and deeply exhaled my morning breath.  The warmth in my chest spread throughout my body and I smiled.  Where’s my little friends, I thought, scanning the lake for signs of fowl life.

The lake was quiet today, or so it seemed.  I stood for a while looking out over the water, peaceful and calm unlike my mind this morning.  I studied a half uprooted tree at the edge of water, remembering when it towered and once offered shade.  Curiously, my eyes followed the fallen limb out into the pond.  Gray and gritty, the texture of the bark caught my attention.  I should bring a sketch pad next time.  Suddenly, the branch moved and I had company.  Blending in with the tree’s texture sat a three-foot Great Blue Heron intriguingly watching this fifty-year-old woman.

How could I not see him?  Three feet tall and a cluster of feathers, this bird’s camouflage was sound.  Am I that distracted that I can’t notice a large bird two feet before my eyes?  Is my whirling mind so busy on tomorrow that I neglect to see beauty appear today?  Today’s awakening:  I can’t be enjoying and living each moment, if I’m unable to even see the gifts god places right before me.  Stop and smell the roses, girlie—stay awake and savor every moment, because as you know– life is short.


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