March 2, 2012


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I finally did it! I joined a local hiking club and went on my first hike last weekend!  This is so not like me–not only am I a procrastinator, but I’m an isolater and have a hard time joining groups.  I’ve been considering joing ever since I saw an article in my local paper, but being the procrastinator I am, put it off for months.  It was fun and it was nice hiking with other’s who enjoy the outdoors.

I’m starting to figure out a little bit about why I procrastinate.  I believe alot of it comes from fear and low self-worth.  Fear of being accepted, fear of change, fear of not being good enough.  I”m really good at coming up with great ideas, then talking myself out of it before I even get started.  Or, I’ll start something then jump to a new project, thought or idea, before even finishing what I started.  Should I add fear of success on to my list?

My solution:  apply the 3 As –  awareness, acceptance, and action.   (1) I’m quite aware that I procrastinate and how it effects my life negatively.  (2) Although my past contributes to why I procrastinate, I acknowledge that it’s up to me to change my behavior.   (3) Just do it! If you love to do something, give it a try!  Face your fears and try something new–who knows you might have fun! I did!!